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Asking for money isn't that fun. Getting paid on the other hand, well, that's the fun part. You can't have one without the other though. 

How do you make the 'asking for money' part easier? Simple. Send the client a clean and concise invoice with clear next steps on how to pay. 

Welcome to our Invoicing Excel Template. 

The first component of the Invoicing Template is the Company Data sheet. Input your company information as well as payment details (like PayPal and bank data). These will automatically be synced up to your invoice so you never have to enter in that information again. 

The second component is the Product Portfolio sheet. Add and edit your products. The products will automatically sync up to the invoice with the designated prices. 

The third component is the Customer Data sheet. Input your customers and their contact information. This helps you organize your invoices and keep a record of who you have and haven't invoiced yet. 

Lastly, what we've all been waiting for... the Invoice sheet. Since you've already filled out the first couple of sheets, this will be mostly auto-filled. All you have to do is add the specific products they want with the number of units ordered, the tax rate, any applicable discount and when the payment is due. Now just send over the Invoice sheet and you're that much closer to getting paid. 

You don't need to be an Excel expert to make use of our templates. Each template is standardized with an 'Introduction' tab that gives you an overview and specific instructions on how to navigate the template. The introduction sheet contains four parts 

1) Content - What the template does. 

2) Customization Difficulty - On a scale of 1-3, how easy it is to customize the template to your specific need. 

3) Explanation of Sheets - A detailed explanation of the logic and use for each sheet.

4) How to Customize - Steps on how to customize the template to your specific business needs.

In addition to these four  things, most templates come with a video tutorial that walk you through the template, step-by-step, so you know exactly how to achieve what you want with Excel. 

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