Employee Scheduling
Excel Template

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Employee Scheduling

Template for Excel

One of the most crucial tasks of a business is scheduling. Confusion about when people are scheduled or not can cause chaos and a dip in morale. 

While there's expensive tools to help you coordinate scheduling, you can't go wrong with the most powerful data tool in the history of business - Excel. 

Welcome to our Employee Scheduling Excel Template. 

The first component of the Scheduling template is Lists sheet. Input employee names, type (full or part-time) and role. You can add or delete roles at any point, as well as choose between three options for how the days of the week are abreviated. 

The second component is the Settings sheet. The template is set to a 4 week schedule, however, you can choose to make it a 6 week schedule as well. You can also mark the necessary  shifts that are available - 1st, 2nd and 3rd. 

The third component is the Schedule sheet. This is where you will input each employee's scheduled hours. Relevant information from the Lists sheet will autopopulate. Clearing the schedule for the next work period is easy as pressing the Clear Schedule button. 

The final and fourth component is the Dashboard sheet. This sheet gives an overview of the employees and the number of hours they're scheduled to work each week. This will also show you the number of employees in each role scheduled per day to help you ensure a shift leader or supervisor is always on each shift, for example. This tab also gives you an overview of who is working more than 40 hours each week which is indicated by a light red shading in those cells.

You don't need to be an Excel expert to make use of our templates. Each template is standardized with an 'Introduction' tab that gives you an overview and specific instructions on how to navigate the template. The introduction sheet contains four parts 

1) Content - What the template does. 

2) Customization Difficulty - On a scale of 1-3, how easy it is to customize the template to your specific need. 

3) Explanation of Sheets - A detailed explanation of the logic and use for each sheet.

4) How to Customize - 

In addition to these four  things, most templates come with a video tutorial that walk you through the template, step-by-step, so you know exactly how to achieve what you want with Excel. 

Take your business to the next level with improved efficiency, more knowledge and a better outlook on your cash flows. 

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